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Recitation Leaders

Recitation Leader at White Board
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Recitation Leaders - Recitation leaders for mathematics and statistics at Utah State are provided to faciliate a more individualized learning experience for students in math and stats classes that are traditionally very large.

Each recitation leader works with the instructor to ensure continuity of teaching methods as they provide additional instruction to students.  Typically recitation leaders meet with their classes once or twice a week.  Student register for recitation sections when they enroll in mathematics or statistics course at the beginning of the semester.

Recitation leaders also conduct office hours allowing them to meet and work with students on a one to one basis and help them in achieving proficiency in the material they are studying.

Recitation Leader Office Hours for many recitation sections is conducted in the AggieMathLearningCenter (AMLC) located in the Taggart Student Center Room 225A.  Classes that have recitation leader office hours in the AMLC include Math 0995 to Math 2280 and Stats 1040 to Stats 3000.