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Conference Schedule

Program, Fri. 3/23/18 – Sat. 3/24/18


Friday 3/23: Noon to 5:30 p.m. Booth at University Conference Center (ECC)

Saturday 3/24: 8:30 to noon ECC lobby


Friday 3/23

Welcome and Plenary Talk: 1:00 p.m. ECC 216 Auditorium
Chris Corcoran: Welcome Remarks
Jonas D’Andrea: Introduce speaker
Deanna Haunsperger: A Glimpse at the Horizon

What do a square-wheeled bicycle, a 17th-century French painting, and the Indiana legislature
all have in common?  They appear among the many bright stars on the mathematical horizon,
or, um, in Math Horizons.  Math Horizons, the undergraduate magazine started by the MAA in
1994 publishes articles to introduce students to the world of mathematics outside the
classroom.  Some of mathematics’ best expositors have written for MH over the years; here is an
idiosyncratic tour of the first ten years of Horizons


Day Time/Room in ECC
(Eccles Conference Center)
Room ECC 205 (Applied Math Sessions) Room ECC 207 (Pure Math Sessions) Room ECC 216
(Pure Math, General and Math Education Sessions)
Student Session 2:00-3:15
Friday 2:00-2:15 pm

An Unconditionally Stable Numerical Scheme for a Competition System Involving Diffusion Terms

Seth Armstrong, Southern Utah University

Cyclic Decompositions of _Kn into LWO Graphs SUU

Derek Hein, Southern Utah University

Algebraic Representations for a Finite Lattice

Madeline May, Brigham Young  University

Friday 2:20-2:35 pm

Introduction of nonlocal diffusion models

Xiaoxia Xie, Idaho State University

Zero Forcing Number for Lexicographic Products of Graphs

Violeta Vasilevska, Utah Valley University

Representing Pinecone and Christmas Tree Lattices as Algebraic Structures

Ryan Kurth, Brigham Young University


Friday 2:40-2:55 pm

On Accurate, Stable and Efficient Numerical Approximation for Phase Field Models with Applications in Cell Biology

Jia Zhao, Utah State University

Rényi alpha-Entropy of Directed Graphs

David Brown, Utah State University

Theta Relations From Low Degree Coverings - part 1

Thomas Hill and Shantel Spatig, Utah State University

Friday 3:00-3:15 pm

Dispersal attributes of Alfalfa Stem Nematode

Scott Jordan, Utah State University (Student)

Classification of Resistance Distances in Simple Graphs

Marcellus Randall, Carroll College (Student)

Theta Relations From Low Degree Coverings - part 2

Shantel Spatig and Thomas Hill, Utah State University

Friday 3:15-3:45 pm

Break in ECC Lobby
Student Session 3:45-5:00

Student Session 3:45-5:00

Friday 3:45-4:00 pm

Parameterizing Landscape-Level Movement Models in Hetergeneous Environments

Ian McGahan, Utah State University

Zero Curvature Representations of Darboux Integrable Systems

Brandon P. Ashley, Utah State University

Channeling Pythagoras, Killing Him, then Resurrecting Him in the Heart of a Renaissance Boy

Bill Bynum, Westminster College

Friday 4:05-4:20 pm

An Agent Based Model of Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease

Alexander Mitchell, Dixie College

Computer Toolkit for Integrable Systems

Phillip Linson, Utah State University

Using Desmos to Explore Function Transformations and Modeling

Bryan Bradford, Southern Utah University

Friday 4:25-4:40 pm

Modeling the Spread of Whirling Disease in Salmonids

Neil Duncan, Dixie College

Linear Systems of PDEs and Geometry of Calabi-Yau manifolds

Michael Schultz, Utah State University

Spherical Triangles, Platonic Solids, & Computer Animation

Bob Palais, Utah Valley University

Friday 4:45-5:00 pm

Plots, Puppies, and Deadly Disease

Lizzy Younce, Carroll College


Classifying the Schur Rings Over the Infinite Cyclic Group

Nicholas Bastian and Jaden Brewer, Utah State University

(Mis)Adventures in Experiential Learning: 10 years of hands-on learning in college algebra

Matthew Lewis and Paul Cox, Brigham Young University-Idaho

Friday 5:05-5:20 pm


Optimal Brewery Crawl Through Montana: An Applied Traveling Salesman Problem

Daniel Olszewski, Carroll College

Banquet 6:00-9:00 pm Alumni House
Meal starts at 6:30 pm
Banquet menu:
            2 Entrée choices: Herb Crusted Pork Loin or Honey & Herb Grilled Salmon
            Salad: Tossed Green Salad with Condiments
            Sides: Mashed Potatoes and Market Select Vegetables
            Dessert: Pound Cake with Berries or Chocolate Mousse Cake

Jonas D’Andrea: MAA announcements (awards?)
Bob Palais: Introduce speaker
Banquet Talk: Aleka McAdams "Math in the Making of Disney's Moana"
Sebrina Cropper: Student Competition information


Saturday 3/24

Coffee/Breakfast: 8:30-9:20 ECC Lobby
Breakfast menu: Coffee and water (according to number registered)
Business Meeting: 8:30-9:20 ECC 203

Plenary Talk: 9:30 am ECC 205-7
Brynja Kohler: introduce speaker
Eric Sullivan: Playing with Mathematical Models

Among the many perks of teaching subjects like mathematical modeling, differential equations,
and numerical analysis is that I get to ask my students simple mathematical modeling questions
and then turn them loose to play. Questions like: “What shape ice cube will keep my drink cold
the longest?”, “Why does everyone in the freshman dorm always get sick at the same time?”, or
“How thick should the walls be if we want to design an adobe house?” have a low entry point
that allows students to get started doing math right away. Once they get started, however, they
realize that there are surprising hidden assumptions and complexities lurking under the surface
that make for rich and wonderful mathematical explorations. We will explore several of these
low floor - high ceiling modeling problems and see how far we can take them.


 Day Time/Room in ECC
(Eccles Conference Center)
Room ECC 205 (Applied Math Sessions) Room ECC 207 (Pure Math Sessions) Room ECC 201 (Applied Math Student Session) Room ECC 203 (Math Education Sessions)
Saturday 10:40-10:55 am

Technical Analysis: Some mathematical tools used to analyze stock prices direction

Saïd Bahi, Southern Utah University

Rényi Ordering of Tournaments

Bryce Frederickson, Utah State University (Student)

Development on Writing Assessments for Undergraduate Mathematics Classrooms

Hannah Mae Lewis,  Utah State University (Student)
Saturday 11:00-11:15 am

A semi-implicit difference scheme for a reaction diffusion Brusselator system

Jianlong Han, Southern Utah University

Isospectral Graph Reductions and Improved Estimates of Matrices Spectra

Ben Webb, Brigham Young University

Multiparticle Dynamics in a Lattice Gas System

Stewart McGinnis, Brigham Young University

Modeling Memorization and Forgetfulness for the Application to a Learning Module

Will  Tidwell,  Utah State University (Student)

Saturday 11:20-11:35 am

Timescale Analysis for Eco-evolutionary Time Series Data

Guen Grosklos, Utah State University (Student)

Seifert Genus and Turaev Genus of Knots

Leslie Colton, Brigham Young University (Student)

Dynamical Stability despite Time-Varying Network Structure

David Reber and Benjamin Webb, Brigham Young University

A Ring Walks into a Bar . . .

James Wolper, Idaho State University

Saturday 11:40-11:55 am

Modeling the impact climate change has in the fragility of states

Felipe Cancino, Andrew Wolfe, and Jason Meziere,  Brigham Young University-Idaho (Students)

Strong Tournaments That are not Cycle Extendable

Brent Thomas, LeRoy Beasley, and David Brown, Utah State University

Hidden Symmetries in Real and Theoretical Networks

Dallas Smith, Brigham Young University

Linear Algebra--Flipped but only in part

Martha Lee Hollist Kilpack, Brigham Young University


Saturday 12:00 pm-12:15 pm



Sensitivity Analysis for contingency tables

Julian Chan, Weber State University

On Fractional Realizations of Tournament Score Sequences

Kaitlin Murphy, David Brown, Bryce Frederickson, Braden Mindrum, Brent Thomas, Utah State University

Applications of Network Flows

Erica Wiens, Carroll College

Implementing Daily Group Work in Calculus Classes

Violeta Vasilevska, Utah Valley University

Lunch: 12:30-1:20
Boxed lunches available (Chicken Caesar or Mediterranean (Vegetarian) Wraps)
Department Chair/Liason meeting: 12:30-1:20 ECC 203

Breakout sessions:

Time & Room

ECC 205-7

ECC 201

ECC 203


Student Competition

2:30 Deanna Haunsperger: Increasing Inclusivity discussion session



After conference nature activity (rain or shine) 4:00 - ??

Meet at First Dam Park
(break into groups and hike the Bonneville trail or Highline trail or River trail)

Other: Book Sale – MAA discount code

Special thanks to the following organizers:
Jonas D’Andrea (Westminster) - Section Chair (and host for Deanna Haunsperger)
Luis Gordillo and Brynja Kohler (USU) – Local Organizers at USU (and hosts for Eric Sullivan)
Tyler Johnson – Eccles Conference Center coordinator
Bob Palais (UVU) – Abstract submissions and session organizer (and host for Aleka McAdams)
Sebrina Cropper (USU Eastern) – Student competition organizer
Brent Thomas (USU) – Session organizer and lead chairperson
Karl Dyches – USU Math/Stat Dept Webmaster (and Sergio Gonzales)
Danae Romrell (BYU-Idaho) – Section secretary and treasurer, book sale
Chris Corcoran (USU) – USU Math Stat Department Head: Opening remarks, Welcome
Kelly Siepert (USU) – Registration and materials
Nicole Durrant (USU) – Registration desk

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