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Differential Equations

Differential equations arise in every field of science and are fundamental to the modeling of natural phenomena. The study of differential equations has attracted the attention of the mathematical world for the past three centuries and continues to play a central role in modern mathematics, especially in geometry and analysis. Our interests as a group in DE at USU comprise of two main focal points: 1) to contribute to the field with further frontier research and 2) to apply the currently existing theories to study problems arising in everyday life. Current research topics include:

  • Partial Differential Equations, Nonlinear Evolution Equations, Fluid Mechanics, Nonlinear Waves.
  • Ecology and Evolutionary Biology; Mathematics.
  • Asymptotic Analysis, Dynamical Systems, Nonlinear Parameter estimation.
  • Calculus of Variations, Nonlinear optics, Bose-Einstein condensations.