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Areas of Research:

Our department culture encourages, emphasizes, and rewards high-quality research, with the following four major research groups in the department active in many sub-disciplines.

Mathematical Biology / Applied Mathematics

The Mathematical Biology Group specializes in data-driven, computational, multi-disciplinary research using mathematical tools to investigate current questions in living systems.  The group maintains active collaborations in biology, ecology, engineering, and natural resources and students have numerous opportunities to apply mathematics in the context of important biological, environmental and ecological challenges.  Graduates receive job offers from industry and compete successfully for positions at national labs and post-secondary research and education.

 Research Faculty: Luis Gordillo, Joseph Koebbe, Brynja Kohler, Nghiem Nguyen, Jim Powell, Zhi Qiang Wang, Jia Zhao


Pure Mathematics

Our pure mathematics faculty are active in areas that include differential geometry, computational algebra, mathematical physics, topology (geometric, algebraic, and quantum), and discrete mathematics.  They actively collaborate with faculty in physics, computer science, and other disciplines.

Research Faculty: Ian Anderson, David Brown, Mark Fels, Nathan Geer, Andreas Malmendier, Zhaohu Nie, Leila Setayeshgar, Zhi Qiang Wang, Dariusz Wilczynski


Statistics and Data Science

Statistics is the science that solves data problems. Statistics faculty actively develop and apply methods to solve problems in high dimensional data. This includes research in data science, computational statistics, data visualization, geostatistics, machine learning, time series, and other fields of statistics. Faculty members frequently collaborate with departments across campus, including (but not limited to) engineering, ecology, agriculture, nutrition, finance, and education.

Research Faculty: Brennan Bean, Daniel Coster, Adele Cutler, Richard Cutler, Kevin Moon, Kady Schneiter, John Stevens, Yan Sun, Juergen Symanzik


Mathematics  and Statistics Education

Representing a diversity of backgrounds and perspectives related to mathematics education, our mathematics and statistics education faculty are part of an energetic community of learners, teachers, and researchers devoted to improving the teaching and learning of mathematics and statistics across all grade levels.  With expertise in multiple core branches of the mathematical sciences, assessment, technological innovations, project-based learning, curriculum development and teacher development, our faculty are uniquely positioned to contribute to mathematics and statistics education research.  Our active collaborations with public school teachers, and university faculty across multiple disciplines and our ability to offer secondary teacher preparation programs and professional development across our statewide campuses facilitates a powerful environment of collaboration, collegiality, and continued professional development.

Research Faculty: David Brown, James Cangelosi, Brynja Kohler, Kady Schneiter

Additional Math/Stat Faculty Research Interests