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Undergraduate Jobs


Recitation Leaders

For large lecture sections of some Mathematics and Statistics courses the department hires recitation leaders. These individuals help to supplement the learning done in the large lecture by teaching smaller sections of students. Material is provided for recitation leaders by the course professor they are working under.

Math/Stat Teaching Fellow

Our department hires undergraduate Mathematics and Statistics majors as Math/Stat Teaching fellows for many or our Math and Stat courses taught each semester. Responsibilites include, but are not limited to: assisting the instructor in holding office hours, review sessions and grading course work. This position also involves training for advancement to Recitation Leader positions. If you are interested in becoming a Recitation Leader we recommend you start as a Math/Stat Teaching Fellow to gain the required experience. 

Mathematics and Statistics Tutors

The department is still hiring tutors who have successfully completed MATH 2250, or MATH 2280, or STAT 3000.  If you have not completed those courses but have a solid math or stats background and are enrolled in those courses this fall, we would also love to have your application.