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Math Placement Exam


Students who have not taken a math class in the last three consecutive semesters (including summer semesters) will need to take the math placement exam in order to register for any math class at USU. Students who have taken the AP Calculus exam and received a 3 or better may qualify to register without needing to take the placement exam. Students who have done concurrent enrollment 1050/1060 within the last three consecutive semesters may also qualify to register without taking the placement exam. Please contact the advising office with any questions about AP or concurrent enrollment courses.

Please see our Score Table for all class MPE score requirements.

You may take the exam up to three times each semester. After you have received a score your score will be valid for one year or three consecutive semesters (including summer semesters).

Arrive at your preferred testing location with enough time before closing to allow you to adequately finish the test (plan for at least an hour). No calculators are allowed for the test and scratch paper and pencils will be provided. You will need to bring $10 and your USU student ID. Everything else will be explained to you when you arrive for testing.

In an effort to ease the transition from high school into mathematics and statistics courses at a college/university level many colleges and universities have begun requiring incoming students take some sort of mathematics placement exam. All colleges and universities in the Utah System of Higher Education (UHSE) administer some form of placement exam in mathematics to help students determine appropriate college level mathematics and statistics courses to take. The Department of Mathematics and Statistics at Utah State University administers the Math Placement Exam (MPE). This exam is available to all students at USU and for many students in the public school system who are interested in determining their math skill level before or after entering Utah State University.

We recommend taking the practice exam for the Math Placement Exam.
Proficiency Statement for Elementary Algebra exam
Proficiency Statement for College Level Math exam

EA (elementary algebra) and CLM (college level math) practice exams

There are also many online resources that you may find useful in your review for the exam. Among these we have found the following to be especially helpful: