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The AggieMathLearningCenter (AMLC) is a resource to aid students in obtaining help with mathematics and statistics. The AMLC provides free online and limited face to face tutoring, student and faculty virtual workshops, as well as mathematical and statistical learning aids to students, staff, faculty of Utah State.  See the links below for details on each of these programs. 

COVID-19 Update for Spring 2021.  Tutoring is available for Spring semester (click Math and Stats Tutoring Box below) for details. Recitations will be primarily face to face, but recitation leader office hours will be remote.  Visit the USU Coronavirus webpage for additional resources.

Math and Stats Tutoring

The Aggie Math Learning Center provides online and scheduled face to face tutoring. Please c
lick the picture above for operating hours and instructions on how to join. 

Math and Stats Recitation

Recitation Leaders
Recitation leaders for Math 0995 to Math 2280 and Stats 1040 to Stat 3000 are hosting office hours via WebEx accessed through Canvas. 
Click the picture above for more details.


AMLC Resources Tile
Looking for help math or stats?  This page provides access to math and stats resources including handouts, website links, R Studio Tutoring and assistance, videos and more.