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Brandon Ashley

Brandon Ashley

PhD Mathematics

Contact Information


About Me

I attended the University of Central Arkansas from 2010 - 2016 where I received a Bachelor's degree in Pure and Applied Mathematics and a Master's of Science in Applied Mathematics. I'm currently working towards a PhD in Mathematical Sciences at Utah State University. When I'm not working, I enjoy spending time outdoors, socializing with friends, birding, photography, and yoga.

Research Focus/Study

Geometry of Differential Equations.

Why I came to USU

I was interested in learning the Cartan Equivalence Method from Mark Fels and Ian Anderson to study nonlinear PDE.

Noteworthy Items


- USU Graduate Student Teacher of the Year (2019) 
- USU College of Science Graduate Student Teacher of the Year (2019)
- USU Math & Stat Dept. Graduate Student Teacher of the Year (2019), USU Excellence in Teaching Award (2018, 2019)


- USU Math & Physics Mini Talks (2019)
- TWeT Conference (2019)
- USU Math & Stat Summer Research Poster Session (2018)
- TWeT Conference (2018), DGCAMP Student Daze Conference (2018)
- MAA Intermountain Section Conference (2018)
- DGCAMP Student Workshop (2017)


TWeT Professional Development Committee Member (2018)