I am an Assistant Professor of Statistics at the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at Utah State University. I joined USU in 2012 after receiving my doctorate in Statistics. Complete information about me can be found in my CV.


I am looking for self-motivated students to join our group, starting in either the Spring or the Fall. Ph.D., M.S., Undergraduate, Post-doc, and visiting scholars are all highly welcomed. A successful candidate is expected to have a fast independent studying ability, a strong interest in my research, a solid statistical background, a basic ability to develop innovative ideas, and must excel in programming code (R, any of Python, C++, or Matlab, etc.). To join our group, students must already be admitted to (or enrolled by) the university. I prefer to choose students with whom I am familiar (often those who have taken at least a course from me). Post-doc and visiting scholars must be self-financed.

I am actively looking for collaborators who have interesting and promising data sets, and who need a statistician to serve as the Co-Investigator for grant applications. I can generally write a 1-2 page methodology section to provide theoretical support such as power analyses, sample size computations, and so on. (The page limit is flexible per the request of the collaborator.)


Research Interests

  • Statistical Genetics, QTL mapping, GWAS, LD mapping
  • Statistical Shape Analysis
  • Biostatistics: statistical application to clinical trials, public health, disease, biomedical, and biological traits
  • Functional Data Analysis, Longitudinal Data Analysis, Ultra High-dimensional Modeling, Mixture Models

Funded Research Grants

  • Sole-PI, 08/14-07/17, NSF DMS-1413366
  • Sole-PI, 07/15-12/15, VPR Research GEM Grant
  • Sole-PI, 01/13-12/13, VPR Research Catalyst Seed Grant
  • Female Researcher, 07/13-08/13, Woman and Gender Research Travel Support

Professional Services

  • Editorial Board of Austin Statistics Publishing Group, 2014-present
  • Review Editorial Board of Frontiers in Genetic Architecture, 2011-present
  • Invited Applied Math Session Organizer and Chair for the Intermountain MAA (Mathematical Association of America) Meeting, Orem, UT, 3/2014
  • Invited Reviewer for the following journals:
    • Briefings In Bioinformatics
      BMC Genetics
      Environmental Modeling & Software
      Frontiers in Bioscience
      Journal of Probability and Statistics
      Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics
      PLoS ONE
      PLoS Genetics
      Theoretical Biology and Medical Modeling

Honors and Awards

  • Researcher of the Year, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, USU, 2015
  • Selected Member of the Proposal Writing Institute, USU, 2013 ($5,000 award)
  • University Doctoral Research Fellowship, University of Florida, 2006-2008