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The AggieMathLearningCenter (AMLC) is a resource to aid students in obtaining help with mathematics and statistics. To do this the AMLC provides free drop-in tutoring, recitation and tutor training, student and faculty workshops, seminars, as well as mathematical and statistical learning aids to students, staff, faculty and guests of Utah State.  Some of the main services provided include free, drop in math and stats tutoring, facilitating Recitation Leader Office Hours, workshops, and training helps.  See the links below for details on each of these programs.  

Math and Stats Tutoring

USU DMS Aggie Math Learning Center Logo

The Aggie Math Learning Center is located in the Animal Science Building
 Room 118.  There is also mathematics drop-in tutoring in the Depot in the basement of the Junction.  Click the picture above for operating hours.

Math and Stats Recitation

Recitation Leaders Office Hours

Recitation leaders for Math 0995 to Math 2280 and Stats 1040 to Stat 3000 hold thier office hours in the Aggie Math Learning Center, located in the Animal Science Building Room 118.  Click the picture above for recitation leader office hours.

Get Help with R

Do you need help with R?   R tutoring is avaiable on a scheduled basis.  Times available for assistance are listed below.  To schedule a session please go to R Scheduler Link and schedule a session.  

R Tutoring Schedule

R is a free software programming language and a software environment for statistical computing and graphics. The R language is widely used among statisticians and data miners for developing statistical software and data analysis. If you need help with this we are here to help you!