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Dr. Deanna Haunsperger


Dr. Deanna Haunsperger is a professor of mathematics at Carleton College in Minnesota.  Since her own undergraduate days, Deanna has been interested in increasing the number of students who pursue advanced degrees in mathematics.  That passion has guided her as a former co-editor for Math Horizons (the Mathematical Association of America’s magazine for undergraduates) and as co-founder and co-director of Carleton's Summer Mathematics Program for Women (a successful, intensive four-week summer program to encourage talented undergraduate women to pursue advanced degrees in the mathematical sciences).  She has chaired the MAA’s Strategic Planning Committee on Students and the Council on Outreach.  Currently Deanna is President of the MAA.  Deanna is married to fellow mathematician Steve Kennedy, and together they have two grown children.

A Glimpse at the Horizon

What do a square-wheeled bicycle, a 17th-century French painting, and the Indiana legislature all have in common?  They appear among the many bright stars on the mathematical horizon, or, um, in Math Horizons.  Math Horizons, the undergraduate magazine started by the MAA in 1994 publishes articles to introduce students to the world of mathematics outside the classroom.  Some of mathematics’ best expositors have written for MH over the years; here is an idiosyncratic tour of the first ten years of Horizons.