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Jia Zhao

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Mathematics & Statistics

Assistant Professor

Assistant Professor

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Office Location: ANSC 216
DialPhone: 435-797-1953

Educational Background

PhD, Applied and Computational Mathematics, (Mathematical Biology), University of South Carolina, 2015
Modeling and Computations of Cellular Dynamics Using Complex-fluid Models
BS, Information and Computational Mathematics, Nankai University, 2010


Dr. Zhao is an applied and computational mathematician with a keen interest in interdisciplinary research, aiming to strike a balance among mathematical modeling, numerical analysis, and high-performance computations. His research is highly interdisciplinary, residing at the interface between applied mathematics, scientific computing, soft matter physics, and mathematical biology. His current research projects include numerical analysis of thermodynamically consistent hydrodynamic models, modeling and computation of multiphase complex fluids and complex biological systems (biofilms, cell motility, and liquid-liquid phase separation in intracellular dynamics). Dr. Zhao's research has been supported by the National Science Foundation (NSF), Dean's Dissertation Fellowship, SPARC Research Grant, ASPIRE-II Research Grant at USC, and AMS-Simons Travel Award from the Simons Foundation.

Teaching Interests

Numerical PDEs; Fluid Dynamics; Mathematical Biology; Parallel Computing; Machine Learning; Data Science

Research Interests

Computational Mathematics and Mathematical Biology; Numerical PDEs and High-performance Computing; Modeling and Computation/Simulations of Complex Fluids, Cellular Dynamics, and Complex Biological Systems.


NSF Grant DMS-1816783, PI, 2018

National Science Foundation

NVIDIA GPU Grant, 2018

NVIDIA Coorporation

Research Catalyst (RC) Grant, 2018

Office of Research and Graduate Studies, USU

AMS-Simons Travel Award, 2016

AMS & Simons Foundation

Dean's Dissertation Fellowship, 2014

University of South Carolina

Publications - Abstracts

    Publications - Books & Book Chapters

      Book Chapters

    • Zhao, J., Zhang, T., Wang, Q., (2017). Modeling and simulation of bacterial biofilm treatment with applications to food science: Nanotechnology in Agriculture and Food Science. Wiley *

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      Publications - Curriculum

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        Publications - Journal Articles

          Academic Journal

        • Zhao, J., Chen, L., Wang, H., (2019). On power law scaling dynamics for time-fractional phase field models during coarsening. Communications in Nonlinear Science and Numerical Simulation, 70, 257--270.
        • Chen, L., Zhao, J., Gong, Y., (2019). A Novel Second-order Scheme for the Molecular Beam Epitaxy Model with Slope Selection. Communications in Computational Physics, 25, 0171-1096.
        • Yang, X., Zhao, J., (2019). Efficient linear schemes for the nonlocal Cahn-Hilliard equation of phase field models. Computer Physics Communications, 235, 234--245.
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        • Gasior, K., Zhao, J., McLaughlin, G., Forest, G., Gladfelter, A.S, Newby, J., (2019). Partial demixing of RNA-protein complexes leads to intra-droplet patterning in phase-separated biological condensates. , 99, 012411.
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        • Zhao, J., Yang, X., Gong, Y., Wang, Q., (2017). A novel linear second order unconditionally energy stable scheme for a hydrodynamic q-tensor model of liquid crystals. Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering, 318, 803–825.
        • Gong, Y., Zhao, J., Wang, Q., (2017). An energy stable algorithm for a quasi-incompressible hydrodynamic phase-field model of viscous fluid mixtures with variable densities and viscosities. Computer Physics Communications, 219, 20–34.
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                  Scheduled Teaching

                  MATH 2270 - Linear Algebra, Fall 2018

                  MATH 5810, 6910 - Topics in Mathematics, Fall 2018

                  2270 - Linear Algebera, Spring 2018

                  MATH 2270 - Linear Algebra, Spring 2018