Personal Information


This is for my students, so they know where the accent comes from. Especially for my women students, who might be considering a similar career.

I was born in England, and grew up in New Zealand. I've lived in Cache Valley longer than anywhere else. From my accent, the Kiwis know I'm English, the English are quite sure I'm American, and the Americans usually think I'm Australian.

I met my husband, Richard Cutler, in an advanced calculus class at Auckland University. We were partners in our experimental physics labs (optics was something special!), and we were married in 1982. In 1983 we went to UC Berkeley, where we both obtained PhDs in statistics. We joined the Utah State University faculty in 1988, in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. We are both tenured full professors. I currently work mainly on data mining and machine learning, and Richard works on epidemiology and ecological statistics.

If that last paragraph made me sound like an appendage, you have never met me. And you have certainly never walked into my office and, looking around expectantly, asked me whether Professor Cutler is in. Had you done that, you would NEVER make such a mistake. (That's a hint: don't try it).

I have 3 children: Philip ('94), Monica ('96) and Sophie ('98). Phil loves lego mindstorms and bionicles, Monica loves piano and her blankie, and Sophie loves her dolphin and her Mom. Phil was born in the summer, Monica was born while I was on sabbatical, and I took an increased administrative assignment and some "banked" teaching release time for Sophie's birth. Somehow, it all worked out.

I love my children, but I also love my work. People ask how I do it all, and the answer is that I don't. I've been forced to make choices. I'm passionately involved in my research, but while my children were little I did not write very many papers, concentrating instead on staying active and keeping up with what was happening in my field.

People who have been a big help to me include my family, my PhD advisor Leo Breiman, my friend and colleague, Bob Heal, and my babysitter, Sherry Olsen (my kids call her "Grandma"). I've also been lucky in having great colleagues and students to work with.

My favorite movie: LOTR.

My favorite type of books: Fantasy. A great new discovery: