Research Projects



Random Forests

My primary research focus is the development of an interactive graphics tool for understanding the results of Random Forests. This was joint work with Leo Breiman (UC Berkeley) from 2000 to his death in 2005.




I have been working with Bart Weimer and Xie Yi on the analysis of oligonucleotide macroarrays spotted on nylon membranes. We are also working on the analysis of pathways in lactic acid bacteria.




I work with Dennis Odell and Ron Torres of the USU Center for Persons with Disabilities. We are studying the genetics of autism and ADHD.




Archetypal analysis was part of my PhD dissertation with Leo Breiman at UC Berkeley. Since then, I have worked on archetypal analysis of dynamical systems with my colleague Emily Stone. The method has also been used in economics, astronomy and marketing.


  Artwork done by Phil Cutler